List of 50 Textile Testing Machineries Used in Spinning and Weaving Mill

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Textile Testing Machineries:
Today’s readymade apparel business is totally depends on quality. Different types of testing machineries have to use in spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing factories to assure required quality of apparel or clothing. As its importance, this article has presented a list of top 50 textile testing machineries which are significantly used in spinning and weaving mill.

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Textile testing machineries
Fig: Textile testing machineries
List of Textile Testing Machineries Used in Weaving and Spinning Factory:
All types of testing machineries which are used in spinning and weaving have pointed out in the below:
  1. Drying over,
  2. Yarn appearance board winder,
  3. Crimp rigidity tester,
  4. Crimp tester,
  5. Zigzag cutter,
  6. Digital fabric thickness gauge,
  7. Digital pilling tester,
  8. Stiffness tester,
  9. Water impact penetration tester,
  10. Water repellency tester,
  11. GSM Cutter,
  12. Shrinkage template and scale,
  13. Hydraulic GSM cutter,
  14. Crease recovery tester,
  15. Crockmeter,
  16. Light fastness tester,
  17. Sublimation fastness tester,
  18. Perspirometer,
  19. Washing fastness tester,
  20. Stroboscope,
  21. Digital anemometer,
  22. Lux meter,
  23. IT thermometer,
  24. Sequence check machine,
  25. Tachometer,
  26. Sound label meter,
  27. Moisture meter,
  28. Cotton moisture meter,
  29. Package hardness tester,
  30. Digital film coating thickness gauge,
  31. Digital yarn package hardness tester,
  32. Digital thermo hydro meter,
  33. Color matching cabinet,
  34. Laboratory drum,
  35. Microscope,
  36. Psychomotor or hygrometer,
  37. Fibrte strength tester,
  38. Roving reel and yarn reel,
  39. Direct yarn count balance,
  40. Yarn winding unit for preparing black board for yarn appearance,
  41. Lap meter,
  42. USB digital microscope,
  43. Various types of balance,
  44. Twist tester,
  45. Tensile strength tester,
  46. Length measurement instrument,
  47. Evenness tester,
  48. Abrasion tester,
  49. Fiber fineness and maturity tester,
  50. Thickness tester etc.
Auxiliary Testing Equipment’s Used in Spinning and Weaving Factory:
Those are-
  1. Pick out needles and combs,
  2. Steel rulers of different measurement,
  3. Scissors,
  4. Stop watch,
  5. Small velvet covering board,
  6. Magnifying glass,
  7. Template of different sizes,
  8. Nep counting board,
  9. Tweezers,
  10. Calculator etc. 
List of Hygrometer or Psychrometer Used in Textile Industry:
Some psychrometer or hygrometers which are normally used in textile industry have listed in the following:
  1. Wet and dry bulb hygrometer,
  2. Electrolytic hygrometer,
  3. Hair hygrometer,
  4. Chemical hygrometer,
  5. Dew point hygrometer,
  6. Gravimetric hygrometer etc.

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